News articles on Ultrasound examination in pregnancy from major news sources on the Internet :

Too Few and Too Low-Quality Obstetric Ultrasound. Wall Street Journal.

Insurers want to limit number of procedures for expecting moms. The Houston Chronicle.

Trial Supports Fetal Ultrasound Screening. Medscape

Screening Fetuses for Heart Disease Recommended. Medscape

Ultrasound May Be Diagnostic Option for Down Syndrome. Medscape

Ultrasound May Help Screen for Down Syndrome. Medscape

Ultrasound Testing for Fetal Defects Is Accurate, Can Be Performed Early. Medscape

Ultrasound Screening for Fetal Defects Supported. Medscape

First-Trimester Screening Making Advances. Medscape

Ultrasound May Offer Alternative for Detecting Down Syndrome. Medscape

Growing Sensitivity of Fetal Ultrasound Linked to Greater False-Positive Rate. Medscape

EUROFETUS shows ultrasound benefit . Medical Tribune

Early amniocentesis halted across North America. Medical Tribune

Ultrasonography useful as Down syndrome screen. Medical Tribune

Isolated deformity may have company. Physicians Weekly

Prenatal screening can aid mothers-to-be. CNN News.

Doctors optimistic about results of spinal-defect surgery on fetus. CNN News.

How Testing for Down Syndrome Is Done. Your Health Daily.

Ultrasound Screenings Are Yielding More False Warnings. Your health daily.

Low birth-weight risk begins early in first trimester. Cornell University News

Abnormal birth rises. BBC News.

Ultrasound boosts down syndrome detection. BBC News.

Ultrasound detects heart defects. BBC News.

3D fetus comes of age. BBC News.

Mothers offered video of unborn baby BBC News.

Spina Bifida corrected in the womb. BBC News.

Abortion risk of prenatal scans. BBC News.

Simple test spots birth defects in weeks. BBC News.

Mums-to-be unprepared for scan news BBC News.

A 3-D glimpse of the future. BBC News.

Improved scan reveals the faces of the unborn. The Telegraph.

3-D Ultrasound. San Francisco Gate.

Safe blood test for Down's Syndrome under development. BBC News.

Ultrasound may change baby's cell growth. CNN News.

Scan reveals baby's face. BBC News.

Womb view boost for expectant parents. BBC News.

Scans may 'cause brain changes'. BBC News.

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