The Haus Bauer Hotel, Bad Ischl, Austria, 1930s. Converted in 1943 to the
German Air Force Neurology Hospital catering for the German millitary with head and spinal injuries during the second world war.
Later re-organized into the State Hospital for Neurology at Bad Ischl and the Salzkammergut Private Hospital in 1948.
It was here when Karl Dussik and his brother Freiderich Dussik first used ultrasound as an imaging device in 1945.
Finally demolished 1975.

The Hotel KaiserKrone. Converted to the Neurosurgical Hospital for the Millitary in 1943.
Re-organized into the State Hospital for Neurosurgery in 1946.
In use up till 1968. First operated by neurosurgeons Wilhelm Tönnis and Dietrich Wolfgang Kruger.

Source of pictures:
Das "Medizinische Ischl" by Anton Schaller. in the publication of the Bad Ischl Heritage Club in 2000. "Mitteilungen" - Des Ischler Heimatvereines - 50 Jahre Ischler Heimatverein. Quoted with permission.

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