Contact sector B-mode scanning for brain tumors at the Medical Ultrasonic Research Center, Juntendo University in Toyko, Japan in the early 1960s. This was the "one-point contact-sector scanning tomography" using the plan-position indication (PPI) B-mode format described by Yoshimitsu Kikuchi in 1957. The display had a similar resemblance to the 'Radar screen'. The scanner used a similar "positional contact scanning" concept as the scanners developed by Howry in Colorado, USA and Donald in Glasgow, UK, at round about the same time. The same scanner was used in abdominal scans and in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Japan in the 1960s *.

Sonogram of the normal head by contact sector scan using a rocking movement *.

Point contact sector scanning employed in Obstetrics. c 1962 **.

* From "Ultrasonic Diagnosis in Japan" by Kenji Tanaka, Toshio Wagai, Yoshimitsu Kikuchi, Rokuro Uchida and Sumio Uematsu. In the Proceedings of the First Internation Conference on Diagnostic Ultrasound held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1965.

** From the book "The Dawn of Diagnostic Ultrasound" by Toshio Wagai, 1987.

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