Heinrich Netheler, a physician at the Luebeck-South Hospital in Hamburg, Germany was operating in 1945 a small repair facility for medical equipments at the Hamberg university hospital at Eppendorf and had a mission of developing inventive medical products. Netheler had been in high frequency research and radar developments since 1943.Professor Hansen, his superior, suggested to him in that year to develop an ultrasonic tomographic equipment for medical use basing on the concept of the RADAR. Much reseach work had started at the Lubeck-South Hospital and later at the premise of the University of Eppendorf. Nevertheless, due to a lack of funds after the war, the equipment designs could not be put into actual fabrication.

The company: Eppendorf-Netheler-Hinz GmbH was founded in the same year. Another


Schematics of the design. Organ scanning represented in brightness of amplitude and position indicator for the conversion of the brightness amptitude to a cross-sectional picture.

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