Schematic of the prototype articulated arm scanning apparatus patented by Wright and Meyerdirk in June 1964 (US patent 1970000062143). In the patent abstract: "This is an ultrasonic transducer scanning support system comprising at least three arms serially joined in pivotal relation one to the other and to a base. Three position transponders are mounted on the base with each of the pivoted arms operatively coupled to a transponder whereby signals are developed representative of the position of a transducer mounted on the end of the third arm which control the origin of an indicating means to correspond to the position of the transducer". The scanning device was produced in 1963.

Inside of the electronics console. Vacumn tubes were used instead of transisters.

William Wright at the callibration of the machine.

The earliest articulated-arm compound contact scanner console with
the earliest pictures on display.

View further development of the articulated-arm scanner here.

Images courtesy of Mr. Monte Meyerdirk, reproduced with permission.

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